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Delivered at the 2009 African American Heritage Festival, Staunton

Rev. Edward A. ScottState of the Country 2013 (download/read full article)

Presented by Rev. Edward Scott
for the Committee on the State of the Country
147th Session of the Virginia Annual Conference
(2nd Episcopal District), May 2013

“And when we move into the twentieth century, we can see a revolutionary violence, boosted by rational technology which dwarfs the horrors of all earlier ages.”
— Charles Taylor, A Secular Age

Following a wrenching presidential campaign during which efforts were undertaken to quell voter turn out, during which women were patronized concerning their own health care, and during which immigrants were rebuffed by longer and longer periods of inaction in the law to equitably handle their entreaties for citizenship, voters made their choice in a convincing fashion that left the defeated Republican party in disarray. Barack Obama was reelected to his second term of office as President of the United States of America. His success indicates a rising tide of confidence that government should provide conditions under which the nation’s citizens may prosper and flourish. Though some were shocked by the lopsided outcome the sense of alienation that gripped women, minorities, Latinos and the unemployed left little wonder concerning their definitive vote.

Though our people rejoiced in the re-election of Barack Obama many progressive commentators began to question the president’s use of predator drones in the “war on terrorism.” Even as the wars now being prosecuted after more than a decade wind to their bloody close the employment of drone strikes gives pause over appropriate authority for the decisions taken . . . [To read the full report, download the PDF. ]



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